Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Colombian Church Says No to Homosexual Adoption

Edit: they're going to freak out now.
Colombia's Catholic Church and the country's Inspector General on Tuesday strongly criticized a court decision to allow a gay U.S. journalist to adopt two Colombian boys, suggesting he may become attracted to them.
In an interview with newspaper El Tiempo, leading Colombian bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba said the new father has a "disorder of sexual identity" which will affect his relationship with his children.
When asked about Mr Burr's suitability as a father the bishop said, "I do not know him and I am not accusing him of anything, but one thing is clear and that is that he has homosexual tendencies and he is going to receive a boy of 10-years-old and an adolescent of 13, and between them there won't be a father-son relationship." He continued, "He will receive two children at an age when they may be attractive to him, which could be a temptation."
Cordoba, who is also a graduated psychologist, insisted that homosexuality was universally considered by mental health professionals to be a "disorder of sexual identity". In fact homosexuality was removed as a disorder from the DSM -- the Diagnostic and Statisical Manuel, considered the psychiatric world's 'bible' -- in 1994.

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