Thursday, November 24, 2011

ICK Superior Denied Permission to Say Mass in Altötting

Germany. Today the founder and General Superior of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, Abbe Gilles Wach, wanted to celebrate high Mass at the high altar in the Holy Chapel in Altötting. This was according to video portal ''. The priest requested two weeks previously in writing for permission, but didn't receive an answer. As he discovered by wa of telephone, a secretary explained to him that he may not celebrate Mass there. The Old Liberal Rector of Altötting, Msgr Gunther Mandle, is a known enemy of the Immemorial. Despite this, two priests of Vaduz were able to say the Immemorial there two weeks ago in the early morning on the side altar.


Photo from St. Louis Catholic...


Unknown said...

That Altoetting church is pretty famous in Bavaria. All the Wittelsbach kings have their hearts buried there.

I was there once in my pagan days in the Army so didn't get much out of the visit.

mick said...

Bob & Penny Lord did a show on Altotting. It is a place of pilgrimage to Our Lady of Altotting. Many miracles are attributed to Her intercession. A great Saint, Br. Conrad, was the door-keeper there. Worth looking up! We should pray to him to overcome the old-liberals who infest that area.