Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Bonus Army Veterans Killed by the Ruthless US Army

Edit:  The recent severe injury of a two time Iraq war veteran, because of the alleged actions of the Oakland Police, has sparked some controversy.   It isn't the first time war veterans have taken part in protests in the United States.  In fact there was another protest called the Bonus March in 1932 when ten thousand war veterans along with their families camped out in Washington in the spring and the summer.  If ten thousand veterans with clear and respectable demands weren't satisfied back in the midst of the depression, it's unlikely that an unruly gaggle of assorted and conflicting interests who have no clear agenda, is going to accomplish anything either.

Back in 1932, General Douglas MacArthur was called out by President Hoover to crush the Bonus March.  Two war veterans were killed in the skirmishing involving tanks, cavalry, infantry and tear gas.  So not only were the demands of these people not met, but  the demonstrators were also chased out of their shanty towns with their wives and children in tow while their shelters and all of their possessions were burned down.

Occupy Wall Street isn't going to end any better.  Presently, the Oakland one has been cleaned up. Note:  All you need are jail cells.


Anonymous said...

Wrong. President Hoover gave strict instructions that there must be no violence. MacArthur disobeyed, saying that as a soldier he would not be ordered by a civilian (shades of his later challenge to Truman). MacArthur's aide de camp was shocked by MacArthur's disregard for his Commander in Chuef. That young officer was Dwight David Eisenhower.

lesley said...

No Kidding, how about that? Now that's trivia not to be trivialized! thanks.

Tancred said...

Anonymous 9:59 PM ... I'm sure the rioters were following Hoover's strict instructions.