Friday, October 7, 2011

Polish Pastor's Health Damaged by Psycho-Terror of Old Liberals

Father Skoblicki
Edit: there are a few gripes from the usual quarters that this priest isn't Catholic enough. He's promoting the Catholic Faith, he's building a side altar. He's doing a lot of the right stuff and he's making a lot of the right people angry.

Pure lack of respect for human dignity:  The anti-Church Kopfinger schismatics are working with psychological terror, false reports and death threats.

(, Kopfing) The Pastoral administrator of Kopfing, Fr. Andreas Skoblicki, will leave his parish for a few weeks according to the media bosses.

The health of the Pastor has suffered greatly in the past weeks.

A Doctor has advised that Father Skoblicki needs three weeks to recover.

The absence is the month long psychological terror of the Old Liberal Kopfinger Schismatics in league with the anti-Church media.

The Polish clergyman  has, since he's lived as a foreigner, hardly any personal support.

Father Skoblicki has even received death threats.

He will visit his Polish home and and stay out of the line of fire of the Austrian media which seems bent on executing him.

The Diocese of Linz has said on the website '' that the Diocesan Office will put together a priestly grant.

The Diocese is already in talks with priest.

The Lies about First Communion

The regional media concern has struck for months with false reports about the Pastor.

On the most forward front the ‘Oberösterreichische Nachrichten’. is the most rabid.

The last libelous lines from the paper:  next year there is apparently not going to any "first communion".

Actually the local grade school principal -- a bitter enemy of the Pastor -- immediately denounced  the report.

The parents in the first communicants can expect a beautiful celebration in Kopfing.

Why didn't the Diocese Clear this up?

Today the ‘Oberösterreichischen Nachrichten’ has published its most recent lie under the incendiary title, "New Explosives in Kopfing".

The Pastor has built a new side altar in the Church, "without a permit".

The construction was authorized, actually, by the Construction Office in Linz.

Thusly the question remains: why didn't the Bauamt denounce the lie from the anti-Church newspaper?

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