Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tear Gas and Water Canons at March For Life in Zurich

Edit: Look at all the Anarchists who showed up for this. This is their speed. It's really too bad there weren't an equally sizable detachment of Swiss Jaegers nearby to clean up the mess while the police looked away.

Even in Switzerland the hooligans want to attack the „Marsch für´s Läbe“ [March for Life] with violence.  Only police units allowed for the demonstration to take place.

Zürich ( Over 1,000 Christians (according to the police it was 1,500 persons) from various churches marched in Zurich's Helvetiaplatz despite threats from autonomous-left cells.  Already int he beginning of the event, hooligans began with their pipes and hooping in concert.  There the professional sound system couldn't even  overpower it on the Helvetianplatz.  Clearly, they were decided to assault the demonstration with violence.  Only decisive and powerful units of the Zurich police could prevent, that the demonstration, in which many children, youth and seniors were participating, the descent to chaos.

The organizers thanked the police at the same time publicly, for their fantastic assistance.  That the costly deployment of dozens of policemen in full gear were necessary, the Pro-lifers found regrettable.  An event which calls for the unlimited defense of life, should not be put on the taxpayer for the cost of police vehicles, water canons and tear gas.  Actually, the guilt for these precautions aren't born by the organizers of the pro-life event, rather the radical anarchists and egoistic partygoers, who have often proven themselves prepared to do violence in the last days. The Pro-Lifers want to march again in the coming year on the 10th year of the time limit to march again.The "Marsch für s’Läbe" 2011 has motivated them to fight in other ways that people in Switzerland have an unlimited right to life from their mother's wombs to their natural grave!

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Catholic Militant said...

Resurrect the Knights Templar and the Crusades! I'll fight!

servo said...

Ah, those rational, tolerant, loving freethinkers.