Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strained Situation for Traditionalist Nuns in SSPX

The incorporation of the Reparative Sisters of Niedaltdorf with the SSPX is not pleasing to all the faithful. For that reason I wrote the Society on 11th August. by Johanna Holzmann
Traditional Sisters of Niedaltdorf

( Last February the Reparative Sisters of the Holy Ghost in Niedeltdorf joined themselves to the Society.

For that reason the peoples' spirits in our small area was increasingly high, while many in the Society were inclined to be skeptical.

When the esteemed and well loved Father Manfred Jöckel of the Institute of Christ the King had to take leave, enough was enough.

Withdrawal of Incorporation?

The Mother Superior of the Order was asked repeatedly about the incorporation into the Society of St. Pius X.

She finally answered somewhat resignedly that this integration had already been withdrawn by a letter to the Society.

My questions are as follows:

If the explanation of Mother Superior is correct, why can't you read it on the Internet site of the Sisters?

And why then are the Priests of the Society assigned as spiritual advisers?

The District Superior Answers

I made inquiries of the German District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Father Franz Schmidberger, about the status of the Sisters.

He sent to me the following answer by e-mail:

"I am pleased to answer your e-mail post of the 16th of August. It is not known to me that the Reparative Sisters have in any way withdrawn their connection with the Priestly Society.

In any event, they are under heavy pressure from Trier.

In any case, for our part, our priests have been effective as spiritual advisers."

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Hilary said...

Wait, how are those Redemptoristines in Fransiscan habits?

Tancred said...

Thanks, the Society Page calls them Reparative Sisters.