Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old Liberal Bishop of Spokane Bars Priests from Abortion Protests

Some people don't GET +Cupic. What's not to get? Old Liberal Bishops do Liberal things. They obscure the true nature of the abuse-hoax while writing for faux-Catholic magazines like America. They persecute conservative priests. They build ugly churches and promote ugly art and music. They engage in Liturgical abuses and favor Communion in the hand.

In this case, the Bishop is not allowing his priests to pray at the slaughter houses, which is also like the Cardinal Schönborn who prohibited Auxiliary Bishop Laun of Salzburg from being at a pro-life event in Vienna and stabbed Austrian pro-lifers in the back. He also doesn't favor a change in Austria's abortion laws.

They also love sex education to destroy the innocence of children with. Bishop Cupic employs the controversial, if inaptly named, "Virtus" program. Bishop Vasa remains critical, at least, of these alleged virtue programs.

He has also cancelled Eucharistic Adoration.

What's with the ugly graphic?

"Educating" over five million children.

It was really difficult to listen to the flaccid and legally appropriate language of this administrator.


Unknown said...

It's been said that it took some screaming and yelling by a couple of young priests to prevent him from becoming Archbishop of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Those Papal Nuncios spend way too much time schmooozing with politicians and the liberal bishops of the East Coast of this Country.

Tancred said...

Not necessarily a bad thing either way. St. Paul clergy are bad.