Sunday, September 18, 2011

Liechtenstein Votes Against Proposed Abortion Law

Bern ( In Liechtenstein abortion remains illegal even for the future. At a popular vote on Sunday about 52 percent of the 36,000 citizens voted against the legalization of pregnancy termination, 47.7 percent voted to allow abortion within the first twelve weeks.

In Liechtenstein, abortion is illegal is punishable with up to a year of confinement, if it is undertaken abroad.

Archprince Alois von Liechtenstein had shown himself to be explicitly against the initiative and promised to cast his veto and refused to sign it into law. The reason for his opposition lay in that the proposed form did not merely address fetuses in the first twelve weeks, but could allow for it in cases of handicapped children all the way up to the point of birth.

Even the goevrnment and parliament of Liechtenstein had spoken out against the text of the poll.

Various political parties proposed a further challenge in the text in the event that it were rewritten. Abortion is still punishable in any case, even if only, it is undertaken by Lietchtenstein.

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Dan said...

The Supreme Tragedy of this is that nearly 48% of the country wanted to legalize abortion. That is the horrifying situation and it betokens a Catholic Church not any longer doing the job it is supposed to be doing.

If a supposedly Catholic country cannot even muster enough of the Faith to DEMOLISH such legislation then that tell us that the Church there is no longer teaching.

The good guys won only by a small majority. Think about that.