Monday, September 12, 2011

The Double Game of German Bishops

Church is intimately linked with child murder 'pro familia'
Why do articles from "Organized Sexual and Family Planning Advisors in the DDR" from the lobbying publication of an abortuary chain appear in the required reading of a Catholic Motherhood counsellor.

( On September 5th the pro-lifer Markus Miller posed an open question to Cardinal Joachim Meisner on this website ‘’.

Miller's question involved the website of the 'German Work Circle for Youth, Marriage and Family Counseling."

In the work circle the German Bishops' Conference cooperated with the German Abortion Firm 'pro familia'.


On the list given by Miller is a list of literature.

They were put together by the 'pro familia' directed collaborators of the associated counseling facilities.

Millers question to Cardinal Meisner was:  "For what reason do articles like "Organization of Sexual and Family Planning Counselors in the DDR" from the 'pro familia magazine'  -- which is itself operating itself as a 'pro familia Lobbying paper' --  appear as  required reading of German pregnancy counselors and even in 'esperanza' -- a co-worker with your Archdiocese?"

"What will you personally do?"

The pro-Lifer informed the Cardinal also on the 'German Society for Counseling' with its HQ in Cologne.

There the butcher society 'pro familiia' appears right alongside Catholic organizations on the member list.

This institution participates with Cardinal Meisner's Archdiocesan Director for Marriage, Families and Life Counseling, Dr. Hanspeter Schmidt.

Miller's question: "How should we Christian pro-Lifers argue with any foundation, if our Church officially cooperates and overshadows with that the message of the sanctity of human life?"

And: "what do you want to do personally, in order to end the cooperation of the Church with 'pro familia' immediately?

Society with National Socialist Background

Miller also reformed the Cardinal  that Christian pro-Lifers receive massive attacks from 'pro familia'.

He explained also that 'pro familia' has a diabolical heritage of its founder and decades long president and old-Nazi, Hans Harmsen (+).

Harmsen made career of making propaganda during the Third Reich for the murder of  handicapped people.

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