Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alleged Assassin of Marxist Prelate Found?

Edit: Beatifying this man is a real loser. He wasn't so much a "voice for the poor" as the article states, he was an agent of Soviet Foreign policy in Central America.

Bodyguard of a high Military official is supposed to have shot the Archbishop of San Salvador during Mass.

San Salvador ( There has been a sudden turn in the 1980 case of the murdered Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Arnulfo Romero. According to media reports there has been a revelation about the identity of the suspected perpetrator after more than three decades.

According to the newspaper "Colatino" it was the act of a a former member of the Army. Marino Samayoa Acosta, then a Non-Commissioned Officer of the National Guard, is supposed to have shot +Romero in 1980 with a precision rifle during Mass.

As the newspaper reported, the son of the politician and Colonel Arturo Armando Molina, tapped his father's bodyguard to do the job -- he was President from 1972 to 1977. Samayoa is said to have been the best shot in his unit.

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