Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poll: Majority of Austrians View Heretical "Pastors' Initiative" as Publicity Stunt

Surprise:  The majority of Austrians view the anti-Roman "Pastor's Initiative" of Helmut Schüller as a "publicity stunt"  -- ORF and Standard promote the Pastors' Initiative.

Vienna ( The Austrian population views the anti-Roman "Pastors Initiative" mostly (52 %) as a "publicity stunt" of a few priests. This is from a present poll by the Human Institute. The Initiative, which some Austrian media outlets like "Standard" or "ORF" are promoting it almost daily, is not "understood" by 18 percent, and only for 30 percent is it a legitimate "Attempt at Reform". For the majority of those questioned (56 %) the reform of religion is "difficult" to reconcile, for 22 percent it is "mostly" not. Over 850 Austrians were polled, 73 percent of those polled described themselves as "religious and believing".

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