Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anniversary of The Miracle on the Vistula: Poland Defeats the Red Army in 1920

Edit:  Today is the anniversary of the first day of the Battle of Warsaw wherein the Poles, under the cautious but inspired leadership of Józef Piłsudski drove back the Red Army at the gates of Warsaw. A poorly equipped but motivated Polish Army won out against the odds and expectations of their European supporters.  This victory was the fruit of brilliant planning on the part of the Poles and granted to them by Our Lady as many Poles went to the Monastery of Czestochowa to get intercession:
When the Russians were at Warsaw's gates in 1920, thousands of people walked from Warsaw to Czestochowa to ask the Madonna for help. The Poles defeated the Russians at a battle along the Wisla (or Vistula) River. Today, every school child knows the victory as "The Miracle on the Wisla."[here]  
This great victory is also the subject of a new film set to be released in October by Jerzy Hoffman.  In contrast to his other films, the famed Polish director now has an opportunity to portray the Russians as the enemy, which he avoided doing in his earlier dramatizations of Henry Sienkiewicz's Trilogy.  It's amazing what not having a few Soviet Shock Armies at your doorstep will do for artistic freedom and the Catholic faith.  This film has a notable religious dimension and underscores Poland's growing religious feeling.

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Unknown said...

It lacks the most important and well-documented fact - double appearance of Our Lady Virgin Mary in suburbs of Warsaw which resulted in panic-stricken flee of the red army.