Friday, August 12, 2011

Auxiliary Bishop Says Communion In the Hand is a Calvinist Novelty

Not Even Martin Luther Would Have Done It

In the last century the Old Liberal Bishops promoted hand Communion.  They used a historical lie toward this end.

Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider

( day Communion in the Hand has no roots in the early Church.

This was stressed by Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider (50) of Astana in Kazakhstan on the 19th on the radio station 'Radio Maria Südtirol'

Msgr Schneider is a Patristic expert.

Hand Communion was contrived "all new" from the Second Vatican Council -- the Auxiliary Bishop firmly said.

The antique Church had practiced a completely different form for the reception of Communion.

In that period the hand in which Communion was received was purified before and after.

Additionally, the faithful would take the Body of the Lord from their hand in a disposition of prayer with his tongue:

"If anything it was more of an oral reception of Communion than in the hand".

After Communion, the communicant had to lick their hands with their tongues, so that even the smallest particle should not be lost.

A Deacon supervised the purification.

The Auxiliary Bishop cotinued: "This concern and care stands in direct opposition to indifference and carelessness with which so called Communion in the hand is dispensed."

Women never held Communion simply on the flat of the hand.

They spread a white cloth, a manner of corporal over their hand.

Then, they would receive Communion directly to their mouth from the linen cloth.

"That is a tremendous contrast to the present form of Communion in the hand" -- insisted Msgr Schneider.

The ancient faithful never took Communion with their fingers: "the gesture of hand Communion was completely unknown in the Church."

The Antique Form of Giving Communion Was Impractical in the Final Analysis

In the course of the centuries the Church developed a form of giving Communion which "surely came from the Holy Ghost".

Msgr Schneider explained that the Eastern Church had already completed this step by the 5th Century, the West somewhat later.

The transition took place worldwide, organically, instinctively and peacefully.

The Auxiliary Bishop reports that Pope Gregory the Great († 604), gave Communion in on the tongue.

French and Spanish Synods of the 8th and 9th Centuries sanctioned against touching the Host with excommunication:

"If a Synod can make such a strict threat, this form will be forbidden in a short time."

Communion in the Hand Comes from the Calvinists

According to the Auxiliary Bishop, communion in the hand comes from the Dutch Calvinists of the 17th Century.

Calvinism denies the real presence of Christ in the Host.

One such communion in the hand wasn't even practiced by the Lutherans:

"The Lutherans have until quite recently, and till today in Scandinavian lands, preserved communion kneeling and on the tongue."

Coming up: Communion in the hand destroys piety.

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Anonymous said...

And yet the Holy Father still allows communion in the hand.
Till HO abolishes it this Calvinist abuse will continue.


Dan said...

May I dream that one day this Bishop will be the Pope? Nearly everything I read about him gives me hope.

Thank you for publishing this.

Anonymous said...

What is to be said about people who take commnunion in the hand?

Anonymous said...

Thank you +Bishop Schneider. On the tongue, kneeling.

D. Morgan

Anonymous said...

I read that Communion in the hand was requested by the Bishop's in some countries for what they termed 'health reasons'. Apparently, Rome 'allowed' this in limited areas for an unspecified term. (It was the realization that AIDS was spreading rampantly through some countries and all means of transmittal were not yet known.) As the laity and religious moved around the globe, the practice was begun under the same type of 'health reasons' and continues to this day. There are some who continue to receive on the tongue (if allowed) and announcements are made that receiving in the hand is mandated during flu season in many churches. I myself prefer to receive on the tongue but many lay people serving as Eucharistic Ministers withhold the Eucharist if you attempt to receive on the tongue until you place your hands before them. Much more education is needed throughout the church on many topics.

Anonymous said...

I fully agree with Dan hoping this Bishop would eventually be considered for Pope. Do not misunderstand, I admire Pope Benedict and believe that he has brought about a return to respect and reverence to the celebration of the Eucharist and has inspired many fallen away Catholics to return 'home'. He has urged that music used in services be more 'sacred' and that 'tradition' be honored. I pray that we will have Pope Benedict with us for some time. His words, written and spoken instill in me a desire to be a true Catholic not just a 'Sunday Catholic' or a 'cafeteria Catholic' picking and choosing what parts of Catholic Doctrine it is convenient for me follow. Nothing worth anything is easy, devotion to prayer, receiving the Sacraments and making sacrifices are all part of being a true Catholic and are not always easy but knowing that one will have the opportunity to join all the angels and saints in heaven with Our Lord is my inspiration.

Tancred said...

It's the kind of pusillanimity exhibited by people with a concern for physical and especially "mental" health which is posed as a pretext for these kinds of initiatives which serve as solvents to the Catholic Faith.

If health issues were really a problem as many liberals eagerly propose, they wouldn't also be promoting their stealth Utraquism [Communion in both kinds], where the laity is given a common chalice to drink from.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! Our Lord did NOT have his disciples kneel before him nor receive His Body and Blood from his own sacred hands by placing it on their tongues but by distributing so each could partke on their own.
I believe our Lord is truly disgusted by the mundane, petty nuances that we, as Chuch, are consumed with when there are so many other needs to attend to...ue: first and foremost bringing the Gospel to those that are in need of the Good News.
Let's get back to basics and stop acting like the Sadducees and Pharisses concerning ourselves with only regulations that will not make a difference in the salvation's of one's own soul.

Anonymous said...

From one "anonymous" to another - consider placing yourself in the position of a priest...and watching as people go back to the pew...with the Body of the Lord in their hands...and they don't know what to do with Him. And then you have to track the person down, ask them, "Are you Catholic?" (Insert response) "Then give me 'that.'/Then consume 'it.'" And then a scene is caused. And people ask you after Mass, "What was that about?"

We'll set aside the issue of the risk of "Black Masses."

It's not pharisaical to insist that Our Lord's Body and Blood be treated with the utmost dignity and honor. As it is, right now, he's not. Communion in the hand has NOT helped this situation one iota.

Anonymous said...


Tancred said...

If you have a specific objection, try to focus on that, because your complaint doesn't address what Bishop Schneider is saying.

But if you feel as you do, perhaps you would be more comfortable in a Reformed denomination, provided you can find one as they fade into numerical and cultural insignificance.

Mes for Life said...

How do you know? Tell me, when the Blessed Mother received her Son in Holy Communion, what do you think her posture was?

Tancred said...

John Calvin didn't believe in real presence, and I suspect that many of those who insist this gesture be normative don't either.

Anonymous said...

Let's take back the Church from hostage to the devil who seeks to destroy faith and reverence. Let's restore the Altar-Communion rails - this will facilitate kneeling. Did you ever see anyone receive Communion in the hand while kneeling? The devil does not kneel. Kneeling shows latria - adoration of God. Communion on the tongue must be restored! The Pope has overall authority and any bishop has the authority to rescind Communion in the hand in his diocese. Let us pray for Bishops to imitate Christ.

Unknown said...

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