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Reform-Cardinal Forbids Communion in the Hand

Editor: Sri Lanka, only our favorite place in the world.

Super Cardinal Ranjith on ''

The most progressive Archbishop in the world doesn't complain about Old Liberal decadence.  He rushes to act.

(, Vatikan) At the end of June Malcom Cardinal Ranjith of Colombo in Sri Lanka condemns the celebration of the Mass on the supper table facing the pews.

The Cardinal spoke in the framework of a conference, which took place in Rome from 20th to the 24th of June in Rome, organized by the "Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist".

The Priest as a Boring Entertainer

The Cardinal stressed that the Priest at the supper table is forced in the role of an entertainer.

The Second Vatican Council never talked about a Calvin Box: "The people's altar is not suitable for the fear inducing Mystery of the Holy Eucharist" -- admonished the Cardinal.

He received enormous applause for stating this truism.

The Cardinal stated that the active participation in the Mass is not an external activity rather the significance interior worship.

How does one reform a Diocese?

At dinner during the Conference Cardinal Ranjith described, according to the US Traditionalist Website '' that he had abolished Communion in the Hand in his Diocese.

At the same time he restored communion rails in every church as well.

His priests may only use proper vestments in their celebration of Holy Mass.

Finally he has forbidden all of the priest, to hold syncretic Liturgies, in which elements of other religions are introduced into the Liturgy.

The Website '' has photoshopped an image of the Cardinal as a valiant superhero.

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