Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pastor Fired For Showing Pornographic Pictures to Students

Editor: It looks like the Protestants have a vocations shortage as well. It will be interesting to see if the porno-calender was actually part of the approved instruction plan.

Dresden ( The Saxon Church has dismissed a pastor from his position, because he had recommended a calender with erotic Bible scenes to his students. According to the Press Speaker Matthias Oelke (Dresden), Gunter Odrich was from the community of Graupa-Liebethal at Pirna, is to be placed on leave.

He may apply for a new position. At the present, there are 40 free positions within the Church of Saxony. It is yet to be seen if a possibly "fruitful" accord can be established between the less than 900 member Community. Thereon it has become clear that between the pastor and his community are some differences.

The backround and flashpoint of Odrich's activity as Religion Instructor at Herder-Gymnasium in Prima had been, where he created a furor by giving a calender with erotic Bible scenes to 9th graders (17-18 year olds).

For that reason he may not be employed any longer as a religion instructor. Odrich insisted only that he was using material from the teaching plan. In order to oppose his suspension, he has four weeks to appeal the decision of the State Church of Saxony.


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