Monday, July 11, 2011

Now the German Muzzle Still Demands 6.500 Euros from Bishop Williamson

The German Heil-Hitler Regime have rendered an illegal judgment, according to International Law, against Hero-Bishop Richard Williamson.
Bishop Williamson Bows to God, Not Germany

(, Regensburg) The District Court of Regensburg has punished Pius-Bishop Richard Williamson (71) still with a 6.500 Euro fine today.

This was according to the German media bosses.

For this reason, the court was affirming a judgment of the British Hero-Bishop from 2010 in what is, according to International Law, illegal.

That was the point at which the free Brit was fined for a combined 10.000 Euro fine.

The District Court is clearly still under the direction of the Nazi-crazy State Bar. They were seeking a punishment of 12.000 Euro.

The Bishop's defense severely criticized the German laws against free speech to the court.

It cast serious doubts as to whether a German court could condemn a British Citizen, merely because he gave an interview for Swedish television on German soil.

Further, the interview was conducted as a deceptive set-up with Swedish journalists on the Internet and for that reason, not subject to the German muzzle-laws, said the defense.

The German Nazi-mad Regime will not be able to collect this illegal judgement in Great Britain, where Msgr Williamson lives.

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Correction: "The Regensburg appeals court on Monday confirmed the 2010 incitement conviction of Bishop Richard Williamson, though it lowered his punishment to a fine of €6,500 ($9,136)from the original €10,000, according to DAPD news agency."

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