Monday, July 25, 2011

Loreto: No Altar for the Old Mass

It is sad but true: Pope Benedict XVI is not in any position to correct the situation in Italy. by Claudia Bucker

( In the middle of July, a German priest visited the Italian pilgrimage site near the border, Loreto.

The Basilica of Loreto is next to the St. Peter's Basilica, the second most important pilgrimage destination in Italy.

The Basilica contains the house of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

The Guilty Party is Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci

Immediately after his arrival the priest visited the Basilica.

In the Sacristy he asked if he could say Holy Mass in the Old Rite.

The concern for the Basilica has been entrusted to the dying Capuchin Order.

The standing Prelate for the Basilica is Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci (69).

He was named in 2004 and was previously the Apostolic Nuncio in Scandinavia.

The Sacristan was a grey haired Capuchin.

On instructions from Msgr Tonucci the Sacristan began to lecture the priest.

Hunted by the Devil

The celebration of the Old Mass is only available to be said in the Basilica at the altar of the Polish Chapel -- and this only between the hours of 13.00 und 14.00 hours.

That is the point of the Italian midday meal.

There the Polish chapel, however, is closed due to restoration work, so there is no altar available for the celebration of the Old Mass.

The astonished priest then dared to suggest that it really should be possible to use another one of the approximately thirty altars of the Basilica.

Then the Capuchin waved him briskly aside and admonished the pilgrim in the Sacristy.

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Dan said...

The Pope is "in no position" to correct this situation in Italy? By what stretch of the imagination does Claudia Bucker write such a statement? Does she imagine that the Holy Father cannot pick up his telephone?

No, sorry. This won't do anymore. This "the Pope is a prisoner in the Vatican" cliche doesn't wash these days. When the Holy Father can excommunicate a bogus Chinese Bishop, when he can "unexcommunicate" the St Pius X Bishops, when he can discipline priests, nuns and Bishops, then he can instruct the clowns at Loreto to stop behaving like petulant teenagers.

The only thing required is the will of the Pope to enforce his own motu proprio. If he keeps sending signals that any creepy Bishop in the world can continue suppressing the ancient rite then his much-vaunted Summorum Pontificam will be a dead letter.

The Pope is "in no position", Claudia?


Tancred said...

I think she's pointing to the general level of disobedience which goes against his expressed wishes.

Anonymous said...


The TLM is allowed anywhere!!!!!!!


Dan said...

Tancred: You do have a point. But her phrasing is extremely unfortunate because her words carry the implication that the Pope is powerless in the matter. And, frankly, all this rigamarole would end if the Holy Father would simply act...if he would just, for once, clamp down in a spectacular way on these dissidents.

And "Anonymous Dan" (not me, by the way) does speak the truth, even if his phrasing is a bit on the earthy side!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the "earthy" sounding language.
I was unfuriated by this nonsense when I read it.

Tancred said...

I think it's pretty clear that despite what Pope Benedict is trying to do, there are a lot, if not the majority, of Bishops who aren't going to obey him with their wills, intellects and imaginations.