Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gangs of Muslims Disrupt Funerals in Holland

Editor: It would be interesting to see them do this in the States. This should be the last time anyone, anywhere in the Western world believes the slurs heaped upon the Crusades.
We should March Till We Reach Alexandria

From a news broadcast by the Dutch network Uitgesproken, a report on Muslim thugs who purposefully interrupt, usually violently, Christian funeral processions (video, left).

Members of the "Religion of Peace" taunt the grieving family and friends with shouts of "one less dog!" in reference to the dearly departed.

So where is the outcry by the Muslim community?

Where is the refutations by the Islamic leadership?

Where are the Dutch police?

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Joe said...
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Joe said...

As in a funeral I was attending.

Dan said...

The following link will if nothing else give us something to think about.

I think it worth noting that not all Muslims are out to exterminate Christians, as blowhard clowns like Robert Spencer would have us believe.

Tancred said...

True enough, Dan. If you notice in the above picture of Crusaders, they are being supported by Islamic auxiliaries.

Dan said...

If our editor will allow me one followup comment, I would only add that I wish we Catholics could work WITH Muslims on important issues like the rising stench of sodomy, abortion and other evils, things they would most certainly agree with us on, rather than being "against" them. For example, on those rare occasions when the UN gets into family-related matters it is usually the Vatican and the Muslim countries standing together alone opposing the evil anti-family trends against the rest of the world. Working with them is in my view better than being constantly at each other's throats.

But perhaps keeping us perpetual enemies is what the Usual Suspects have had in mind all along? This link provides some insight into that possibility:

This is in no way meant to say that we should cease trying to convert these people to the one, true Faith. Rather it is taking the practical approach of fighting together for a good cause and just possibly making some friends in the bargain.

Barbara said...

Dan, perhaps you have missed the last twenty years of "working together". Just like all good fascists, Mohemmedans will cooperate just as long as it's beneficial to them; then they turn on the infidels and slaughter them. Robert Spencer merely speaks the truth and some perpetual infants don't want to believe that there's no Santa Claus - guess we'll never be rid of useful idiots. "Making good friends"? What a sad, sorry little man.

Dan said...

Hello, Barbara. If I may, I'd like to briefly respond to you.

I am, alas, quite familiar with what has been going on in the past twenty years and it is an unpleasant sight indeed. But twenty years is a very short time and if one wants to try to understand what is going on in the Middle East it will be necessary to go back a little farther than twenty years.

This may come as a surprise to you but Christians, Muslims and Jews lived together there for the most part quite amicably for about four centuries. Oh, of course, there were isolated problems here and there, but nothing like you see today. So what was it, Barbara, that changed things do you think? What happened recently that turned a relatively peaceful section of the world into a hotbed of hatred and injustice?

To find the answer to that you need to learn about two very significant historical events: the Balfour Declaration and the Sikes-Picot Agreement. These two documents will go a long way to explain the troubles in the Middle East. But these are as nothing compared to THE most significant historical event, the 1948 occupation of Palestine. That, Barbara, is what began the process the results of which you are now witnessing. And it is the United States' one-sided approach to that conflict which has caused the blowback which culminated in the terrorist strikes against this country. What the Israelis are doing to the historic residents of Palestine is a crime, an ethnic cleansing of monumental proportions. And never forget this: Arab CHRISTIANS are among those being kicked out of their land by the Eastern European interlopers. People often forget that little fact.

Rather than merely repeat party lines as evidenced in the usage of words like "fascists" when applied to the Muslims or Arab Christians it would really be more helpful to study the matter in more depth first. And if you are a Catholic, then you should look at this situation through the historical eyes of the Faith.

I take no offense at your suggestion that I am a "useful idiot". But I would like to remind you that useful idiots come in all shapes and sizes, and the most singularly uselful of idiots these days are those who shill for the criminals who are occupying the Holy Land. And people like Mr Spencer, whether they are aware of it or not, are doing exactly that.