Friday, July 15, 2011

Apparently SOLT Needed Money to Settle Substantial Abuse Claim Against Another Priest

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
The Plot Thickens: SOLT and the Diocese of Corpus Christi

  • I was not going to comment on this topic again, however, the plot thickens and the readership has a right to know what little facts that are known. A report from January 28, 2011 states that the Diocese of Corpus Christi, others settle in suit alleging molestation. These others are the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT), the order of which Fr. Corapi was a member. A reader at Facebook suggested the following:
  • SOLT in conjunction with the Diocese of Corpus Christi has just shelled out 1.96 million dollars to a young man who a priest in SOLT raped and then contracted a murder on. Bishop Mulvey then conveniantly receives a letter of accusation of everything from sex to drugs - from a pair of down on their luck losers, who for two years were quietly content to live off the departure money they accepted -who are now in financial straits, whose very house is about to be foreclosed while the head of SOLT then orders Father Corapi to "come home" and give his fortune and be a good little priest. It's inexplicable. It's improbable. It's unbelievable. There is something in this for everyone except Father Corapi and we have not seen one shred of evidence to back up SOLT's nameless investigation trio's sweeping claims. Father John has done nothing but maintain his innosense and told the people who have been touched by his ministry to be faithful to the church and to follow Jesus Christ. Frankly, if I were Father, I would tell Mulvey and Sheehan to go climb a tree....

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Anonymous said...

What?? This news is already a few days old and no reporting on it from those fair and square bloggers that you so kindly profiled a week or two back???

Why am I not surprised?


Daniel Humm said...

This story isn't a "few days old" but a few months old. When I read about his arrest and had been wondering how he had been allowed so much independence and freedom where he could not only give away cars as gifts but try to hire a hit man, I was guessing they might require Fr. Corapi to return to community. You could read the book Coronary about his medical settlement and see that he'd been pondering the question of what he would do if he was asked, and his response was that he was happy about what he felt was the ambiguity of the law regarding SALs. Perhaps fortunately for him, rather than any focus being on his refusal to live in community the focus is all on "false charges". He quite possibly was without any faculties for some time now due to canon 745.