Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bishop McCormack Defends Life

Editor:  If this Bishop is allowed to campaign against the slaughter of babies, it's likely he's allowed to do so only because he supported Obamacare.  

This time when New Hampshire’s Catholic bishop got involved in a political issue, there was no outcry.
The last time he got involved, the GOP leadership in the New Hampshire House got hot under the collar.
This time the issue was HB 329, a bill from the Republican-controlled Legislature that requires a teen to notify her parents about her intention to get an abortion.

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Unknown said...

Bishop McCormack was Cardinal Law's right hand man, moving dozens of known pedophiles who went on to rape hundreds of young boy in the Catholic church. He should be in jail, but got out on a technicality, which is that the statute of limitations ran out.

He should shut his mouth for the rest of his despicable life.