Monday, April 11, 2011

Come to the Catholic Blognic

Editor:  The Catholic "Blognic" will be an alternative to the official one being offered in Rome.   There may be facilities for you to skype your presence there:

Hey "Taliban Catholic" Bloggers!! Come to the *Other* Rome Catholic Blognic

Do you have a blog on which you write about Catholic stuff?

Do you read Catholic blogs?

Do you comment on Catholic blogs?

Are you planning on going to Rome for the Beatification of John Paul II?

Are you pretty sure you're not going to get invited to the Vatican's blognic?

Do you suspect that they found your work just a leeetle too ... err... forthcoming about the bishops, the Church, the state of things? Do you suspect that you'd probably be regarded as a "Taliban Catholic" blogger in certain circles?

Or just don't think you can face hours of talks by Vatican bureaucrats on "the initiatives that the Church is putting in place in the world of new media, whether in Rome or at the local level"?

Come to the *other* Catholic blogger Rome blognic...

 Link to Orwell's Pic-a-nic ....

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