Monday, April 25, 2011

Immemorial Rite Canceled by Diocese of Treviso

That's the way it always happens


A pastor wanted to celebrate a Holy Mass in the Old Rite of his youth for his sixtieth priestly jubilee. Actually though, there was still a Diocesan Bishop, who'd been named there by Benedict XVI.

The Mass of all Times

( For white Sunday the Priest of many days Pietro Mozzato of Vetrego planned to organize a Mass in the Old Rite in his parish.

The 1400 person community of Vetrego is a suburb of the city of Mirano -- it's about 25 kilometers northwest of Venice. Vetrego belongs to the Diocese of Treviso.

Father Mozzato wanted to celebrate his 60th priestly jubilee in the Old Rite of the Mass.

A celebrant, Father Konrad zu Löwenstein was foreseen as the celebrant. The father takes care of Traditionalists in Venice.

The Priestly Council supported the wish of the priest.

Fr. Mozzato had even printed invitations for the event.

Actually, then, the Diocese of Treviso caught wind of the situation.

The General Vicar Giuseppe Rizzo wrote quickly on the spot. He forbid the Old Mass.

This was the report from Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli directly on his Website ''.

The "Diocesan Curia" is set against the Mass -- the General Vicar hides himself behind a board.

The Bishop of Treviso is the former Franciscan Conventual and Roman Curial Bishop, Msgr Gianfranco (67).

He was named to Treviso by Pope Benedict XVI in 2009.

Tornielli explained that the local Priestly Council had received word of the Old Mass -- and confirmed it.

If the Old Liberals are questioned, they intone the authority of such Boards -- otherwise, they're ignoring this one.

The Priestly Council has protested in vain to the Bishop in Treviso.

According to word from Tornielli they haven't even received word.

In the meantime Fr. Mozzato has smoothed out the official abuse of his curial powers.

The Old Mass has been denied.

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Tawser said...

How, according to the terms of SP, can the Old Mass, be denied? So, does this incident confirm the suspicion of skeptics (like myself) that the Motu Proprio is a dead letter? And if that is case when will someone forward the memo to Father Z so that he can stop dithering on about the pope's Marshall Plan?

Chrysostom said...

How awful but how typical! The Archbishop of Westminster allows blatantly homosexual Masses yet this good old priest is not allowed to say the Mass of the Ages.