Sunday, April 10, 2011

German Cardinal Calls Atomic Energy the Devil's Instrument

Editor: At least he believes there's a devil.

The Core Compentence of a Cardinal?

Germany.  There is "something to it" as far as describing atomic energy as a "tool of the Devil"  . The new Cardinal from Munich,   Reinhard Marx  said this to the 'Rhenische Post'.  The Cardinal pled for its abandonment as a principle energy.  The Conservatives are "More or less advised by the view,  which places all importance on technical progress".  It's the same with embryo science "we cross a boundary, if we want to decide between viable and unviable lives"  -- he said.  Finally the Cardinal criticized the incursion into Libya:  "A war led, to unseat a dictator -- then we could have many excuses for military interventions." 

Abuse-Bishop Leaves Belgium

Meanwhile,  the resigned homosexual predator and Old Liberal Bishop Roger Vangheluwe 74 of Bruges has left Belgium, according to "Deutsche Presseagentur".  Msgr Vangheluwe will resign himself to quiet prayer and begin his psychological treatment.

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