Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cardinal Kasper Promotes a Reform of Our Reforms

Liturgy is worship, not only a community celebration.  The experience of the sublime and of the tremendum mysterium is the curative.
His Grace, Cardinal Kasper

Vallendar ( Cardinal Kasper promotes an "in depth going reform of our Liturgical reforms."  It needs a "renewed liturgical-sacramental culture", said the Curial Cardinal, who was till 2010 the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, according to '" from a report from KNA about ++Kasper's lecture at the symposium "The Liturgy of the Church" of the "Cardinal Walter Kasper Institute for Theology-Ecumenism-Spirituality" at the Philosophy and Theology Faculty of Vallendar.

Liturgy must not be desacralized and robbed of its sublimity, explained the former Bishop of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, because it is worship, not only a community celebration.  Just as in our civilization, which is leveling,  secular and thoroughly void of meaning, the sublimity and the tremendum mysterium also brings the curative.

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