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Talks With SSPX to End in Spring: Bishop Williamson's Letter

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Society of Pius Bishop Richard Williamson has criticized the "untrue Romans". The Conciliar Church will fall because it is not concerned with reality.

( The speech between the Vatican and the Society of St. Pius X will "in all likelihood" come to an end this Spring.

That was explained by St. Pius X Bishop Richard Williamson last Saturday in his weekly e-mail column.

Actually there is no "prospect for an understanding".

Accordingly Msgr Fellay had explained in any case only that the talks "are coming to an end" -- without naming a date.

Is the Church Like Christ going to the Cross?

Msgr Williamson recalled then that the life of the Church is formed on the life of Christ.

The Catholic must subject himself like Christ in the Passion to the divine will.

That is for Msgr Williamson: "As no other institution in the world is built inherently on the truth like the Catholic Church that its continuity and its truth is dependent on reality."

He was critical in that the Conciliar Church has placed human interests on the same place with divine truth. This is also wherein he foresees the fall of the Conciliar Church.

The Society of St. Pius May Dissolve Itself

Msgr Williamson underscores that most people can hardly recognize the truth.

Actually he makes himself dependent upon "the right and the capability" of the Roman Clergy to order the Church, precisely from their fidelity to this truth.

The Society is concerned for its side only in the truth of reality in the right and its obligation to "stand against the untrue Romans".

If the Society remains true, it will outlive it.

Of course the Pius Bishop hopes that Rome, through a "return to the truth", will persist and make the Society of St. Pius X unnecessary.

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Andy said...

"Msgr Williamson underscores that most people can hardly recognize the truth."

Isn't that ironic, coming from a holocaust denier?

chiapet said...

Combox toughguys taking swipes at Bp. Williamson. Man, I've never seen that before.

Tancred said...

Yeah, that was a good one. It's easy to kick Bishop Williamson around if you lack courage and insight.

mkamoski said...


Unknown said...

"Logic is fascist". Thus spake the young presbyter who also told me that "latin and logic are all going out of the window so we can be free, as the Spirit wishes us to be".
My fondness - as a 17 year old in 1969 - for the young man in question and his seemingly disinterested and sincere care for me blinded me to the folly of his words and the flawed nature of his thinking. Excusable when you are 17 and you want to be loved and esteemed by the equivalent of the 'head boy' figure.
By my 18th birthday I delighted still in his company but I had left him behind intellectually and I saw all too many of the inconsistencies of his liberalised reasoning, and not just about Latin and Logic. He is gone, now. 'Presbyter' no more. Married and a father to four boys, all of whom he has brought up as most traditional Roman Catholics. He recognises that his possible vocation to the whatever they want to call it was ruined by the intellectual falseness and corruption of Modernism. Rightly and with the most burning of sorrows for the loss of his dream, he now sees both Logic and Latin as formidable obstacles to the perversion of both liturgy and doctrine that has been wrought over the past 50 years.It is no kindness to flirt with those who are misled. It is wickedly perverse and most unkind. People must be loved and told when they are wrong. Not to do so only leads to the unedifying sight of the Pope presiding over blasphemous and syncretistic prayer-fests that defile sites of veneration and holiness, such as Assisi. Bishop Williamson was right when he forecast, at their inception, that the discussions would lead nowhere, fast. He spoke the truth as he saw it. Bishop Fellay did everything he could to sideline Bp Williamson. Calumny and detraction were employed - very 'spirit of the new church of love' - but Richard Williamson was right and Bishop Fellay was wrong.

Kyrie eleison

Dr Russell J Berry

chiapet said...

Come home? From where?

Catholic Mission said...

He has not denied that the Holocaust happened. He has denied the figure of the deceased in the Holocaust.
He has also denied that there were gas chambers.

He has denied the politically approved number of the people killed in the Holocust.

Catholic Mission said...


'The papacy must return to the faith and then the Society (SSPX) returns to the papacy said Father Chazal.'I was ordained to follow the Church. It is the truth which causes unity.If authority has the faith then you obey the faith.

'The office of the priesthood is to defend the faith.The highest obedience is to the faith. We are praying that Rome converts and becomes pure white', says Fr. Chazal in War On, Against SSPX-Rome Deal.

Fr. Chazal thinks there cannot be reconciliation in the present time because the doctrinal rift is too wide.

Fr. Chazal like Bishop Richard Williamson assumes that the Faith includes affirming the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus and the Syllabus of Errors which is contradicted by Vatican Council II (LG 16 etc).

Since LG 16 says there can be non Catholics saved who have not had the Gospel preached to them or who follow their conscience, they assume that this is the ordinary means of salvation or that these cases are visible to us and so contradict the dogma and the Syllabus of Pope Pius IX.

Yet no text in Vatican Council II mentions this. The texts acknowledge that non Catholics can be saved who have not had the Gospel preached to them etc but the text does not state that these cases are known to us or are exceptions to the dogma or the Syllabus. The text does not have to state anything since it is obvious that we cannot see those who are dead, for them to be exceptions.

Pope Benedict assumed that the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus was relevant for only the time in the past since he believed, it seems, that those who are saved in invincible ignorance are known to us. Since they are known to us, for him,they are exceptions to the dogma and the Syllabus.

In other words, we can see the visible dead saved as ‘exceptions’ to the traditional teaching.Since we can see these spectres, ghosts, the dogmatic teachings it was assumed have been replaced.

So there is hope that once this error is identified Rome will come back to Tradition. Since they cannot go on suggesting that we know non Catholics saved who are ‘good and holy’ (Nostra Aetate), as if we can telephone or fax these persons on earth. Neither can they keep saying that conscience is supreme and those with a good conscience (LG 16) can be saved as if these cases are visible to us, we could meet them on the street, and so they contradict the dogma and Syllabus.

So over time Fr. Chazal can make these corrections in the SSPX and see that the bishops and cardinals at the Vatican also understand it.

The SSPX Chapter Communiqué (July 19, 2012) has clarified that there are no exceptions to the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. So this is a giant step in the uniting all the traditionalists and hopefully bringing Rome back to tradition on this issue, sooner then we think.

Once this error is removed Vatican Council II is no more modernist. It is the liberals and the dissenters who would have to rebel against Vatican Council II.-Lionel Andrades