Friday, March 4, 2011

Polish Church Gets Back its Property Stolen by the Communists

Poland: The Polish State will return property stolen from the Church by the Communists. The current State Commission ruled on this after a twenty year study. The final ruling was made on Wednesday. The Church will receive 65,000 Hectares [160,615 Acres] of Land and 36 Million Euros back.

It's about 251 square miles, or about 20 Percent of the land area of Luxembourg.

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Image from, here. It's in the comments section in a discussion about the meaning of Communism.


Lynne Newington said...

Well then, now maybe we will return what we have that belongs to the Jews, Serbs and Roma's, fought for diligently by Jonathon Levy for more than two decades.

Ed Silvey said...

how absurd.

Ed Silvey said...

And by Absurd, I mean Newington's statement, of course

Anonymous said...

England needs to do the same thing with all the property it stole from the Church after the "Reformation."