Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Clarifications Make Immemorial Mass Required Reading in Seminaries

Wow, when you're right you/re right.  Paulo Rodari was right about Summorum Pontificum not being anything for "Traditionalists" to fear, as reported here by Rorate Caeli., and Messa in Ladino.

The Immemorial Mass of All Ages, founded and celebrated by the Pope Gregory the Great, will now be required reading for Modern Seminarians as reported in Messa in Latino and translated by Hans Coessens.

All seminaries will have to celebrate the extraordinary form according to a future Motu Proprio to be released by the Curia and all dioceses will have to acknowledge any regulations on Summorum Pontificum as null and void.

This will mean that Seminary Rectors won't be technically able to undercut the Immemorial with petty concerns and dissembling.  It's an explicit order and it starts to make Cardinal Ranjith's ominous prediction more encouraging, prophetic and even clear.

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