Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jaruzelski confirms he will not go to Vatican For Mayday Celebration

09.03.2011  Editor: Wow, has anyone noticed that this "Beatification" is to take place on May Day?

Here's the story.

Former Oppressor of Poland
Former communist leader General Wojcciech Jaruzelski has announced that he will not be attending the beatification of the late Pope John Paul II in Rome on May 1.

[]The news follows heated debate in Poland as to whether it is appropriate for the former president to attend what is the penultimate stage of the process by which the late pontiff is made a saint.

Referring to “certain voices in politics and the press,” Jaruzelski told the Polish Press Agency (PAP)  that  he wanted to avoid creating  ‘a pretext for yet more sensationalistic information and tendentious interpretation.’

Jaruzelski added that his health was likewise not at its best, a further factor in prompting him to make the declaration.

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Shall we forget Kaytn while we're celebrating the Beatification?

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Dan said...

The "May Day" date was the first thing I noticed about this ridiculous beatification.