Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Still More Hundreds of Anglicans Will be Catholic by Easter

Hallelujah -- More Hundreds of Anglicans Will be Catholic this Easter

Around 20 priests and 600 laity are entering into the newly structured Peronal Ordinariat "Our Lady of Walsingham".

LLondon (kath.net/KAP)In Great Britain, beginning this Ash Wednesday, there are in total 33 large groups of Anglicans which will make the step to cross over to the Catholic Church in Easter.  It is consists of around 20 Priests 600 Laity, which  will enter the newly structured Catholic Personal Ordinariat "Our Lady of Walsingham", according to the Italian Catholic News Agency 'SIR' this Tuesday.  After additional weeks of preparation the converts could receive the Sacrament of Confirmation by Easter Sunday or Holy Thursday in the Catholic Church.  The first priestly ordination for the new Ordinariat should fall on Pentecost.

The Vatican decree of 2009 "Anglicanorum coetibus" made a church structure, created to enable  Anglicans who wanted to come over. They allow the converts the maintenance of a series of Anglican Traditions.  In the middle of January 2011 the first Personal Ordinariat was erected and the earlier Anglican Bishop Keith Newton was named as its leader.  Further Ordinariats could be erected next in the USA, in Canada and Australia, according to Rome.

The Vatican has repeatedly explained that the new structures will not disturb the ecumenical dialog between Catholics and Anglicans.  It does not constitute active wooing away of members of other churches; in any case one wants persons, who for their part, are seeking a new spiritual home.

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