Saturday, January 1, 2011

Three Anglican Bishops Come to the Catholic Church

Former Bishop Burnham of Ebbsfleet

It was announced back in October when we cited, and now it's final. As Anglo-Catholic reports, history is being made. Deo Gratias, what a wonderful gift from providence and the Holy Father since he promulgated Anglicanorum Coetibus last year. Hearty welcome to them all and we're glad they're here. They're reinforcements for those of us who love Tradition and Orthodoxy.  Cardinal Hume must be rolling in his grave, and Cardinal Kasper has already been duly chastened for his part in attempting to sideline this day. More later. Here's the report from Anglo-Catholic.

History Being Made

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H/t: Liturgia Latina.


Anonymous said...

Three Anglican "bishops" are received into the Chuch as laymen, though some (those who are neither apostate former Roman Catholics nor in irregular matrimonial situations) might be called to ordination.

Tancred said...

Everybody's a critic, but some people think it's a historical event.

We know that some Magic Circle Bishops have been fighting this since day one, and it really spells the end of Cardinal Kasper's failed and auto-leisionistic ecumenism of indifference.

Tancred said...

Of course, there will be others who, having made light of it when it was in the works, will now make light of it now that it's happened.