Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Medjugorje: The Pope Desires a Final Decision

There are a thousand contradictions that point to the fact that in Medjugorje there hasn't been an appearance of the Mother of God.  For that reason there should be a "much longer" investigation process to postpone it.

False Apparition Site Medjugorje

(kreuz.net, Vatikan)The Vatican investigation of the false apparition site of Medjugorje in Bosnia Herzegowina has just begun.

This is according to Marian Priest Salvatore Perella of the news service of the US-Bishops Conference, 'Catholic News Service'.

Father Perrella teaches at the Old Liberal theological faculty of the Marianum in Rome.  He is a member of the Vatican Investigative Commission, which is occupied with Medjugorje.

The Church has only made a few judgments on the appearances -- explained the priest.  It is supposedly not always possible to ascertain if an appearance is true or false:  "For the phenomena are greater than us."

In truth God works exactly according to the criteria of truth and falsity. Everything else comes -- according to the criteria of the discernment of spirits -- from the Devil.

Judgment on Saint Till the Cows Come Home?

Father Perrella explained that the Pope wants to make a final judgment on Medjugorje.

The spiritual  is validated  -- despite the easily verifiable facts, which speak against reality -- with a "very long process".

The case is "very complex",  but not impossible to solve.

The duration of the daily appearances create mistrust--  took the Mariologist into consideration.

He compared these phenomena with the  -- not daily unlike Medjugorje -- appearances of our Lady in Laus in south east France.

The Bishop of Gap recognized the sporadic appearances of the shepherdess Bnoite Rencurel († 1718) during fifty four years in 2008.

 The Church proceeds in any case with "maximum prudence"  -- continued Father Perrella further.

The Mother of God Appears as Black, Mexican or French

Finally the Mariologist allowed a pious fauxpas.

He said that the Mother of God could physically appear to men on earth because she is the only one brought body and soul into heaven.

Other departed Saints could appear incorporealy.

In reality there have been various appearances of Saints in the past.  In the Irish apparition site of Knock St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist appeared next to the Mother of God.

The Mother of God appears at various locations even in different forms.

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Editor's Note:  An "Old Liberal" is a term used at kreuznet to describe a certain kind of personality or institutions that is part of the graying and sterile generation of sixty eight, not simply because they are old enough to have been of age in that revolutionary time but chiefly because they share those values, which are typified by multi-Culturalism and the neo-Marxism of the noxious and intellectually cancerous Frankfuhrt School.  Some examples of "Old Liberal" include: Franz Kung, Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, Cardinal Bernardine of Chicago, Archbishop Rembert Weakland and Sister Joan Chiddister OSB to name but a few to include most of the Jesuit Order.

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