Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cardinal Ranjith is Talking about the "Elimination" of the New Mass

In Old Liberal Vienna, a Pius-Priest may not enter any ecclesiastical buildings. Thirty Diocesan Priests from Catholic Italy have spoken against this.

(kreuz, Paris) Dated, 13. January 2011: A very large part of the post-Conciliar love-Church "hates" the Society of Pius X.  The Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X., Msgr Bernard Fellay, said this the Sunday before last in Paris.

He explained that in the current discussions with Rome, discretion is very important.

The Society will go very intelligently with the negotiations.  They must make no false concessions.

The Bishop is pleased that Rome is generally prepared to discuss the non-dogmatic Pastoral Council.

Longing for the Catholic Teaching

In the lecture he mentioned that he was able to speak with almost thirty Italian Diocesan priests in the Diocese of Albano near Rome.

He is said to have asked the priests what they expect from the SSPX and figured they would say "the Mass".

Actually, the priests wanted "the Doctrine" from the Society.

Msgr Fellay is convinced that priests  who return to the Immemorial Mass of All Ages, will also come back to the Catholic doctrine -- but "from far away".

For they knew despite years of academic study nothing of God.

The "New Mass" has Outlived Itself

In Rome Bishop Fellay also met "very good people" -- priests, even Bishops and apparently Cardinals.

The Bishop named none.

Msgr Fellay cited however a word from Cardinal Malcom Ranjith of Sri Lanka.  He said to him: "one can not eliminate the New Mass with one stroke."

It takes more levels and will require twenty years, a whole generation.

As a step in the direction of improvement Bishop Fellay indicated the Motu Proprio, 'Summorum Pontificum'.

Not all is good with that, already: "But, a beginning has been made."



Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

In the end God will do as he wills with His Holy Church.

However as a mere human being I would rather it be sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

They gave us the new mass in 5 years so why can't we go backwards in 5 years?

Anonymous said...

Actually anonymous bringing back the Ancient Divine Liturgy codified at the Council of Trent is NOT going backwards but a huge progessive step forward. The venacular mass of Paul 6th caused MILLIONs to leave the Catholic church forever It was and remains the contrived invention of a freemason archbishop Annabale Bugnini and a coterie of protestant "advisors" and sanctioned by the then Pope Paul 6th. The Tridentine Liturgy will bring millions to the Catholic Church.The Latin mass is definitely more acceptable and understandable to our Orthodox Brethren. The Tridentine Mass is heavily supported by Youth all over the Planet.