Monday, December 27, 2010

USCCB Promotes Socialist Causes: Often Silent about Catholic Ones

Editor:  The USCCB is good good at undermining things, making useless pronouncments, creating the conditions of the decline and obsolescence of the Catholic Church in America.  Their agendas are out of the Marxist playbook: disarmament, false ecumenism, updating, diversity, "peace and justice" stuff and so on and so forth.  The only thing the USCCB can be counted on doing is attacking the Catholic Church, so Tom Roesser, thanks to Tom at AQ.

How’s the USCCB Doing? Lobbying for the DREAM Act but Not a Word Against DADT. Parse-Parse. What Else Is New?

         The only time in the New Testament when the apostles of Christ…later to become the first bishops… turned collegial came at Gethsemane after the chief priests and Pharisees arrived to arrest Jesus. The four gospels agree and say the same thing:
       “they all fled.”   [Hat tip: Michael Voris].
         Of course that was before the intercession of the Holy Spirit.  After the coming of the Holy Spirit most of them held so courageously for the Church they  went on to martyrdom.   Since then things have been, oh, so-so.   For example when England turned Protestant with a vengeance (sufficient enough to behead Thomas More) all the bishops fled…accepting the clerical domination of the King instead of the Pope,  except one—St.  John Fisher. 

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