Saturday, December 11, 2010

Study: 83 Percent of Poles Trust Benedict XVI

Only 15 of those questioned knew who the Primate of Poland's name.

Warsaw ( In Poland Pope Benedict XVI. enjoys the highest esteem of all Catholic worthies.   83 percent of those over 14- years old trust the Church head, according to a study of the Institute GfK of Poland in connection to the paper "Rzeczpospolita" [Thursday] .  He follos the local Bishop 73 percent or  local Pastor (71 Perent).   For the study, 1.000 Poles were personally asked.

Only 15 Perxent of those questioned knew correspondingly, the name of the Primate of Poland elected last June, Archbishop Josef Kowalczyk.  Never the less 73 percent said they trusted the honorary head of the Church of Poland.  17 Percent believed that Warsaw Cardinal  Kazimierz Nycz was primate: 15 Percent thought that Cardinal Jozef Glemp still occupies the office.

A majority of 56 Percent spoke out on the subject that the Church in Poland will be supported completely by collections and donations; 8 Percent desire a Church tax like in Germany.   Still in the summer Opinion Taker CBOS reported sinking polls for the Church.  According to that 35percent of Poles have a negative opinion of the institution.   Correspondingly only 54 percent of the Church was positive about the work of the Church.  In April was was still 73 percent.

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