Wednesday, December 1, 2010

St. Paul Archdiocese Invites PR Problems: Then Drops Suit Against Victim Temporarily

Let's see, you get out from under a lawsuit where you may or may not have been negligent based on a legal technicality, in this case, statute of limitations, then you turn around and sue the alleged victim for court costs.  This may be standard operating procedure but is it vindictive, is it Christian?  It may discourage frivolous lawsuits, but will it help your public image?

We know that the overwhelming proportion of sex-abuse cases result from homosexuals preying on boys, we also know that the Archdiocese of St. Paul treats its homosexual enabling clergy with kid gloves and viciously attacks and systematically persecutes conservative clergy.  If anything, the Archdiocese should be sued for its Talking about Touching program and the verifiable fact that there are many clergy and educational institutions which do not hold the Church's teaching on a myriad of issues.

Is there any point at which this lawsuit against a former alleged victim can be considered good policy?  Perhaps if you're trying to discredit the Catholic Church you claim to represent it is.  Start cleaning the homosexual enablers and heterodox schools up and then we'll get a better idea of where you stand.

Even as we were writing this, the Archdiocese has "graciously" and wisely agreed not to follow through on the lawsuit, here.  But just the fact that they were willing to go through with this indicates a certain level of vindictiveness not uncommon in lavender seminaries and faculties dominated by inveterate homosexuals and their allies.

It might have had something to do with the plaintiff's tearful request that the identities of the pederastic homosexuals still at large be exposed by the Archdiocese, here:

Also Tuesday, plaintiff James Keenan came forward at the office of his attorney, Jeff Anderson & Associates, and disclosed his identity. Known in his lawsuit as John Doe 76C, he said his legal action was an attempt to force the archdiocese to disclose the identity of known pedophile priests.

The Archdiocese needs to start getting tough with its internal problems and existing homosexual enablers and friends within its ranks, then perhaps, you can stop enriching the coffers of Jeff Anderson at law who sends significant contributions to the ACLU and Democratic Farmer Labor party.

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Unknown said...

The real villain in this case is Jeff Anderson, who has made many fortunes by suing the Church on this sort of cases, who could be sued for malpractice for not being aware of the "statute of limitations" problem.