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China: Communist Named to Vice Regent: 100 Seminarians in a Hunger Strike

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Editor: This article appeared about two weeks ago, this situation is still ongoing, will check for more information and join these brave souls in their resistance to Communism.

(Peking)All 100 Seminarians of the seminary in the Chinese province of Hebei are protesting against the Official of the State Commission for Ethnic and Religious Affairs in the Province.  For 19 Days the Priests are in a hunger strike with which they are protesting the appointment of a Communist to the Vice Regency of the Seminary.   The Seminarians fear that the Communist regime is going to interfere with the religious education and spiritual values by subordinating and making it docile to outside political influence.

The Seminarians are protesting in choir robes and have displayed on signs that they wish the cancellation of the appointment of Tang Zhaojun as Vice Regent.

"We protest are protesting before the Government Administration because this situation is no longer acceptable.  The demonstration is an initiative exclusively of the students.  This decision was not instigated by any priest or bishop,"  explained Asia News of the Seminarians.

During the "silence protest" there were two discussions between State Functionaries and the Seminarians.  An agreement cant in any case hasn't been reached.  The students have stuck to a written document, with which they demand the cancellation of the appointment of a Communist Political Commissar.

Tang Zhaojun was  named Vice Regent on 11. November. It was then that the decision was made by the students to protest.  Because the government was not prepared to reject the appointment, this  prompted the Seminarians to begin their hunger strike after  19 Days.

After the first days of the hunger strike the standing Administrative Director of the Seminary gave the Seminarians a verbal directive, to consent to the appointment.  On this point a delegation of the Prelates of the Diocese came to an agreement with the authorities.  The delegation however didn't come to an agreue.

ement because the prelates were abducted by the secret police and forced to participate in the illicit episcopal consecration of Chengde on the 20th of November.  So the question is still unclear.  "Till today we haven't received any news that the appointment has been withdrawn",  said a Seminarian to Asianews.  For that reason, the hunger strike will continue.

(Asianews/Giuseppe Nardi, Bild. Asianews)

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