Monday, November 1, 2010

Linz Bishop "Concelebrates" with Women in Priestly Robes

Linzer Bischof konzelebriert mit Frauen in Meßgewändern

[kreuz] Austria on 16 October the Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz celebrated Diocesan Day of Catholic Women and Men's Movement a Novus Ordo Pontifical Mass. The website of the Diocese of Linz shows photographs of the Mass. There are two women standing on the altar next to two women. They are wearing priestly albs and appear to be self-styled woman's stoles.



Anonymous said...

Purty orange and yellow outfit that lady has on. Oh my gosh, it's the priest!

Anonymous said...

Where there is NO substance in the 'church' then wearing stiff collars and high hats {and stupid looking dresses] will have to take the place of authority and christian teachings.