Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Iraq: New Attacks on Christians -- Three Dead, 26 Wounded

Archbishop Matokas cries for help to the international community of nations: 'If someone would like to drive us Christians out of the country, then they would succeed.  We don't know any more what we should say.  Families want to leave.  It is horrible!'

Bagdad []  In Baghdad a new wave of attacks against Christians: On Wednesday in the early morning between 4 and 6AM explosive devices were set off at several Christian homes.

The attacks took the lives of at least three people and 26 were wounded, as reported by a representative of the Interior Ministry.  Already on Tuesday evening, three Christian homes were attacked in Mansur.  No one was injured in those attacks.

"What could we do, what should we say?", complained the Syro-Catholic Archbishop of Baghdad, Atanase Matti Shaba Matoka.  "In our communities there is great panic.  The wave of violence will become much greater. Ten days ago there was a terror attack against our Cathedral.  Today our homes were targeted.  Families are aggrieved and want to flee.  It is horrible!"

Before his visit to stricken families the Archbishop said to Fidesdienst:  "All of the forewarning and urging the government has done nothing to halt this wave of violence which has swept over us.

Police are standing in front of the churches, really it's the homes of our faithful which have become targets of attack.  Among the victims there are Christians of various confessions in the district of Doura.  The terror knocks on our doors.  The families are horrified.  This is not life any more, they say."

If one would like to drive us from the land, then it would succeed.  This country is the victim of desolation and terror.  The suffering of Christians will become ever greater and lead them to leave their country.  We don't know any more, what we should say."

Finally, the Archbishop appealed to the international community of nations and the world Church:  "We pray for a quick response of the international community of nations and hope for the assitance of the Holy Father and the world Church.

Today there is nothing else for us to hope for and to pray and to put our lives in the hands of God.  Through their tears the Iraqi Christians are saying: In manus tuas, Domine".

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