Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bishop Kung Would Like to Change the Course of 'Aktion Leben' - Austria

"Family" - Bishop Kung: Catholic teaching is not accounted for in the youth prevention [education]-- +Kung was also critical of the hunger strike of a pro-life activist in front of the Nunciature.

Vienna [kath.net]  The Austrian "Family" - Bishop Klaus Kung wants a significant change in course for the advice and education society "Aktion Leben" as reported by the "Presse".   The organization is "taking a direction in some ways, for example in youth prevention [education], that have failed to address significant portions of Catholic teaching,"  said Kung in an interview with the "Presse", Kung explained: "In the near future there will be a discussion with Aktion Leben about it's direction and goals."  The Austrian "Aktion Leben" has been criticized from inner-Church circles,  Kung in any case, directed criticism against an Austrian pro-life activist who is protesting in front of the Nunciature, who insists, that the "Aktion Leben" encourages women to have abortions.  Kung underscores  that this is embarking upon  "the wrong solution" to "Aktion Leben" and that it won't "facilitate but make more difficult", the dialog between the Society and the Church.

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