Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cardinal Burke to Reprimand Cardinal Kasper With Blessing of Holy Father

[EF Exclusive] According to Catholic Culture, there will be an emergency consistory held by the Pope next week which will deal, in addition to issues related to the clerical sex abuse hysteria, with the reception of Anglicans into the Catholic Church.

We are told by Maximilian Hanlon that it is within the context of this meeting that Cardinal Burke will  publicly reprimand Cardinal Kasper, owing possibly to the notoriously liberal Cardinal's hostility to the "ecumenism of return".  Indeed, since Cardinal Kasper has been opposed to an ecumenism of return, so it should be easy to see why Cardinal Burke would object to this.  What is more surprising is that he is doing this with the blessing of the Holy Father.

Cardinal Kasper had gotten into trouble, you may remember, for saying some controversial things prior to the Pope's trip to England and suddenly became ill and could not participate.

This will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Photo:  St. Louis Today

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Unknown said...

My, that would be earthshaking. Kasper was pretty powerful at one time.

Will Cdl. Schoenborn be next?

Giovanni A. Cattaneo said...

Schoenborn was already reprimanded before by the Pope in person behind closed doors and has built on his insolence since.

He should be absolutely next.

Dan said...

My mind is swirling. Kasper came from the same school of thought that Ratzinger did, and now the Holy Father will allow Cardinal Burke to reprimand him? Reprimand him for what? For holding some of the same views he holds? I don't understand any of this.

There are too many things wrong with this picture; too many contradictions. On so many questions Kasper and the Holy Father share the same or nearly the same views, most particularly (and painfully) their views on the conversion of the Jews to the true Faith.

I wish this whole damned mess in the Church would just go away once and for all.

Anonymous said...

God WARNS us of coming world trials by PROPHECY. The approved Marian apparition in Akita prophesied that "cardinal would contradict cardinal, bishop would contradict bishop, etc." back in the '80s. SO ARE WE SURPRISED WHEN IT STARTS TO HAPPEN?! Only if we've ignored the prophetic warnings from God. Akita also said that "FIRE WOULD COME FROM HEAVEN..." if people did not convert back to God. FATIMA said that there would be PEACE "if Russia was CONSECRATED (not the world 'entrusted') to her Immaculate Heart by the whole Catholic hierachy joining the Pope. THAT WAS DIVINE PROPHECY ALSO, and since it obviously hasn't been done AS SHE REQUESTED there is NO PEACE nor any prospect for peace. Just because the Catholic Church is the true Church of Christ doesn't mean it practically DOES WHAT GOD WANTS IT TO DO IN MANY INSTANCES. The above controversy is the PRELUDE TO OPEN SCHISM ALSO PROPHESIED BY SEVERAL APPARITIONS. Rosary Crusades! ya THINK/!!!Fat chance the leadership will take that remedy UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE!