Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Do the GLBT Agenda, Pro-Abortion Politics, and Marxism Have to Do With Boston Social Justice Conference?

Revelations about the featured speakers at the
Boston Archdiocese’s Social Justice conference this coming Saturday are getting worse every day, and more and more Catholics from across the country are sounding the alarm bells as part of our “Boston Catholic Tea Party” protest. Today we hear more about support for gay activism and Marxism by the two featured speakers, Fr. James Massaro and Fr. Bryan Hehir, respectively. Yes, we said Marxism. Read on to see details of Fr. Hehir’s infamous talk in the “Matthew, Marx, Luke, and John” series at the left-leaning, Marxist-oriented Institute for Policy Studies. Could the Boston Archdiocese possibly pick two worse speakers to place on the speaking podium? Click on the FedUp button now to sign out letter of complaint to the Holy See.

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