Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lifesite Says Catholic Church not Responsible for Condom Distributiion

By Hilary White

LUCERNE, Switzerland, October 29, 2010 ( - Some Roman Catholic parishes in the central Swiss city of Lucerne caused an uproar by participating in a state-sponsored campaign in which condoms, bearing the slogan "protect thy neighbor as thyself," were handed out to teenagers.

When the group organizing the campaign issued a media release, headlines around the world carried the claim that the Catholic Church in Switzerland is distributing condoms as part of World Mission Sunday events.

The packages of condoms were printed with the slogan, "Forgetting can be infectious - Protect yourself and your fellow man." The packages were signed, "Catholic Church of Lucerne." A spokesman for the group, Florian Flohr, told media, "We needed something to appeal to people who wouldn't dream of talking to the church about that kind of issue."

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