Sunday, October 17, 2010

Liberal Inbreeding at Vienese Diocesan Gathering: Pro-Homosexual Jesuit Praises Vienna's Cardinal

It's all so sad: The old Liberals have a new Hobby -- they've discovered that they really love the complaining and ado of victims.

[] Now it's clear, why the old liberal Vienese Cardinal has invited the old liberal Headmaster of the Berlin Jesuit School, Father Klaus Mertes, as as the speaker for the old liberal Vienese Diocesan Gathering. Father Mertes is a pope reviler and an apologist for homosexual fornication.

In Vienna he has the task of praising highly Christoph Cardinal Schönborn.

"For us in Germany, Vienna's outlook looks very encouraging" -- as he assigned himself as the speaker for an entire nation in his speech.

Germany has almost 82 Million inhabitants. According to information from the Germany Bishops' Conference there are 25 Million Catholics on paper.

With the sensitivity and respect of "one" who's been pursued from Germany, like "especially Cardinal Schönborn" in this -- anti=Catholic -- we "handled the storm", said the priest to about himself.

[As expected] His hymn of praise for the Cardinal, intoned agreement with the homosexual ideology in front of the 1,400 delegates from all Vienna parishes.

With an old liberal "communal penance" in the Stepensdom (St. Stephen's Cathedral), he explained the mechanism of the victim protection commission, the rapid disbursement of therapy- and damage payments and the the revision of Church guidelines were allegedly establishing "important accents" thanks to Cardinal Schönborn.

Critics accuse the Cardinal for not having the alleged abuses judged as criminal offenses, in accordance to the laws of the country.

In the supposed Victim Protection Commission, established by the Bishops there is a line of representatives are themselves enmeshed in actual child abuse cases.

But Father Mertes unperturbedly continued to discuss the Cardinal: "For that reason I'd like to thank you from my heart."[For putting possible sexual predators on these boards.]

The anti-Church media propaganda earlier this year was described by the naive Priest as "storm and cleaning".

The real problems, which the German conciliar Church in the past, which has led to bitter divides, the priest whisked under the table.

In place of this he directed people's attention to his favorite topic, the abuse cash cow, and promised the crowd to take this as a a real "opportunity".

He whipped up the cult of self-pity with sentimentality and promoted the "option for the poor" to transform into a "credible option for the victims"

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