Monday, October 25, 2010 | Understanding "Incivility"

More crying and weeping about "incivility". Heaven forbid that Jesus should have called people names, bound up a whip of cords and beat the crap out of people...

If Catholics always and everywhere took the point of view taken by a lot of contemporary Catholics and people like Deal Hudson, Catholicism would never have evolved beyond a parlor game.

It's hard not to view his role as being that of a wet blanket for any fervor on the part of Catholics in general. Wherever it rises up, he feels compelled to impose his layman's authority and disapproving glance to shame Catholics into silence while their legacy continues to be bought and sold on the free market. | Understanding "Incivility" | Feature | Articles


TTC said...


I'm all for throwing a wet blanket on how our detractors use the word 'incivility'.

There are some people on the edge of truth and confusion. You rebut their logic in the hope of planting a seed of doubt.

It is about the souls being hoodwinked.

degu said...

I take a look a at the world right now, and I get pissed. Used to be called 'giving a damn', but somehow that's considered a bad thing these days.