Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Green Party's Attack on the SSPX Ends: Father Schmidberger Hails Decision

The German District Superior of the Society of Pius X are resisting completely against the "complete impertinent calumnies" of the 'green' Comrades.

[kreuz.net, Stuttgart] The Society of Saint Pius X is not being threatened by the Constitution.

Enemies of German Common Law are much more "men like Volker Beck, who allows, that a Catholic Religious Society can be attributed to the right radical milieu."

The District Superior of the Society of Pius X in Germany, Father Franz Schnidberger, said to the agency 'dapd'.

The Society found their school of thought on the Christian West.

Lately, the homosexual German, Comrade Volker Beck, an appointee of the 'Greens', over a defeated parliamentary proposal in the German Bundestag to use the German Security Forces to watch the SSPX.

Father Schmidberger too the fanatical inquiry of supposed "extremist inclinations of the Society of Pius X" according to his "own astonishment" to his reading:

"The completely impertinent calumnies were in the meantime struck down by the justice of the law."

The priest criticized Beck for his "mental dictatorship" and also for an attack on freedom of expression anchored in the common law.

Furthermore, Beck has pursued a "nationwide stage managed campaign" for homosexual-privileges against the Constitutionally confirmed rights of marriage and family:

"As a consequence, we would like to propose that Mr. Volker Beck t resign from all of his political offices.

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