Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Benedictine Sophist Undermines Archbishop's Authority at Modernist Abbey

[Collegeville] Dad disciplines the children with a sound lesson in the significance of obedience, and dirty old uncle Rene gives the kids candy behind his back. We're starting a count-down to see when this "philosopher" is disciplined.

For a philosophy professor, Father McGraw has a very hard time telling the difference between truth and error, and presenting something one knows is false as the truth is a lie.

Father McGraw must know about the existing directive in canon law about giving Holy Communion to manifest heretics and public sinners, but he's too busy singing a Newchurch into being.

“It’s a symbol of the GLBT movement en masse, and it was intended as a protest,” McGrath told MPR. “It was pretty obvious.”

Rev. Rene McGraw, a philosophy professor at St. John’s, said that he celebrated a small Mass later that evening and gave all the members of the group communion. “My understanding of church law is that one is not to deny communion to anyone unless he or she is a public sinner, and that has traditionally been interpreted very narrowly,” said McGraw, according to the AP. “My instinct was these are people who were in need, I’m supportive of them, therefore I’m happy to say mass for them.”

However, the Vatican has confirmed that Rainbow Sashers cannot receive communion while publicly standing in opposition to Church teaching on sexuality, as stated by Cardinal Francis Arinze, the Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, in 2005.

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