Saturday, September 18, 2010

Celibacy is not the Ballast of History

Editor: Archbishop Marx got his head handed to him when he attempted to destroy the career and reputation of the Abbot of the Traditional Monastery of Ettal. Now the embattled Archbishop offers some hopeful words more in line with his the original assessment of the man as a conservative.

Germany. [] the first half year of this year was the worst time of his life. Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Munich confessed this during an interview with the regional newspaper 'Munnich Merkur'. The Archbishop had been advised like a forensic expert "in a bitter decision" during the abuse hysteria. [When he tried to railroad the Abbot and Prior of Ettal on charges of Sex Abuse] At the same time he held it absurd, that it's always promoted: "now the priesthood must introduce women and celibacy must be abolished." That is superficial and will go nowhere. Celibacy is no "superfluous ballast of history" and must be rediscovered like a priceless treasure.


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