Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Old Mass -- And Many Chicaneries: SSPX Numbers in Germany

Three years after 'Summuorum Pontificum' the German traditionalists are still outdistanced by the Society of Saint Pius X which is by far the best.

[kreuz.net] In Germany there are 133 locations, at which the Old Mass is celebrated. The website 'paixliturgique.at' reported on the numbers, which have been published by the organization 'Pro Missa Tridentina'.

58 locations are only celebrated during the week -- without Sundays. That is 43 percent of all the official listed possibilities for participating in the Old Liturgy.

On a further 26 locations celebrate -- therefore 19.5 Percent - have the Old Mass from time to time on one Sunday or not regularly on every Sunday.

A further 19 Mass locations -- 14 Percent -- have merely a Sunday Mas sin the Old Rite. These will be celebrated on times that are not appropriate for families.

Such times are after 9 O'Clock in the mornings or in the afternoons.

The number of the locations, where the Mass is celebrated every Sunday, weekly and on family-friendly times are limited to thirty of the total 133 Mass locations. That is around 22.5%.

The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X has fifty Mass locations.

On 43 Mass locations, there are regular Sunday and workday Masses.

In the past the German Bishops were happy with the expectant excitement of the believers are expected, in order to impede permission to the Old Mass.

Actually, the experience after 'Summorum Pontificum' has shown that this has been a bogeyman.

For this reason 'paixliturgique.at' has tried to encourage Senior Bishops, to finally implement 'Summorum Pontificum'.

The Organization recalled a survey of the Institute 'Harris Interactive' from February 2010, whereupon it indicated a great potential for the Faithful, who are interested in the Old Liturgy:

"44 Percent of regular church-goers of the Ordinary Form were in fact willing to visit the traditional Mass at least once in the Month."

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