Friday, August 27, 2010

Still No Word On Why Polish Priest Committed Suicide

Back Ground Still Unclear

German. It is thoroughly unclear, why the clergyman David Zalass originally of Poland, took his life in January 2010 in the city of Duisburg. This was reported on the website, 'Der Westen' yesterday. His body lay a month long, unnoticed in his home. Father Zerlass was active for six years as chaplain in three Parishes in Poland, then as School Chaplain and in the marriage tribunal in Warsaw. From 1993 he worked in a Polish community in London. Then he was one year with the Carthusians in Parkminster in South England. since 1996 he was active for five years in the Diocese of Munster and a further five years in the Diocese of Essen. Since 2005 he lived alone and secluded in Duisburg. The Diocese of Munster knew nothing of his residence in Germany.

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