Monday, July 26, 2010

The New Mass Takes a Bath in Germany

[, Schwabia] The regional 'Schwabian Times' reports that a Liturgy was held at the local pool in Allmendingen on June 10th. The pastor, Father Gunther Gerlach was presiding.

Allmendingen is a 4,500-soul-community around 25km westerly of Ulm in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

The Liturgy happened on Saturday in the so-called Wald Free Pool of Allmendingen.

The priest stood on the pool's edge in Alb and Stole. There was a super table with a blue table cloth, which the Times called an "Altar".

Cloistered Nuns in Bikini?

Thanks to the heat and the rain in the bathing area, many people took part in the event.

The supper table stood along the longside of the pool and the faithful sat on beer stools on the opposite and connecting sides.

Among the participants there were Cloistered Nuns.

Others present sat in swimclothes -- with bikinis and bathing shorts -- some with their feet dangling at the edge of the pool in the water.

Other bathing guests followed the event from bathtowels on the grass.

The ministers came in their robes, but barefoot.

For the Entrance: "Pack My Swim Shorts!"

As an entrance, the community sang, "Pack My Swim Shorts", a hit from the 50s in Germany.

Otherwise the children and youth choir was there to entertain the community.

More children swam during the liturgical comedy in the pool directly between the "altar" and visitors.

The idea for this Liturgical scandal came from the self-styled Family Liturgy Team of the Parish.

In all of the songs, texts and in the preaching of Father Gerlach the theme of "water" was employed.

At the song, "A Ship, that means community" the children released paper mache boats in the water.

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Pack my swimshorts...

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